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The manufacturing process of Addo tubular battery starts with the production of the positive grid with the Pressure Die Casting Machine which is usually a series of fifteen parallel lead spines cast on to a bar. This is fabricated from a low Antimony Selenium Lead alloy. Following this, a series of parallel porous gauntlet tubes are fitted over the spines. These tubes are then filled with a mixture of lead oxide and red lead powder by the Vibratory Filling Machine. Once the tubes are filled, they are sealed by knocking a plastic bottom bar fitting onto the ends of the lead spines.
The resulting assembly is then 'pickled' by soaking in diluted sulfuric acid to convert the lead oxides to lead sulfate. The finished product comprises a series of tubes filled with lead sulfate with a center core of lead to carry the current.
Tubular Batteries are made of robust & aesthetically superior PPCP (Polypropylene Co Polymer) containers. Positive spine produced on High Pressure Die Casting (HADI) machines give defect-free grid with fine grain structure resulting in excellent corrosion resistance and longer life. Tubular Batteries have high acid reservoir reducing the need for water top-up even in extreme environmental conditions.

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